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Messages & Appreciations

Messages & Appreciations


Lt Gen B L SisodiaDr. Bharti’s Holistic Health Hospital, Lucknow is equipped with natural resources, simple tools and excellent therapists trained under able guidance of Dr.Pankaj Bharti. Patients are treated with users – friendly approach using simple ropes, straps & bolsters. Decongestion of Vital organs, Detoxification at the cellular level & Alkalization of the body tissues plays important role in the treatment.

I being a soldier and a sportsman, over used my knees resulting OSTEO-ARTHRITIS with pain and stiffness in both knee joints. I was unable to walk properly nor able to climb stairs swiftly. I use to take help of railings while climbing stairs. As a golfer, hardly able to play and complete nine Holes comfortably. I was under treatment at Base Hospital, Lucknow since last two years. I came to know about this Hospital and approached to the doctor over hear. I underwent treatment for 6 days. The premise of the treatment as I have understood over the periods of my treatment is correction of overall imbalance i.e. physiological and structural that leads to Attainment of complete physical and mental well being.

I wish to put in on record and it is been to believed that today, I am walking gracefully, climbing stairs comfortably and playing golf not only nine but eighteen holes without pain in my knees. This amazing improvement is only possible if we strictly follow routine treatment and instructions as prescribed by the doctor. I wish this unique treatment grow and spread so that maximum patients are benefited in time to come.

God Bless.
– Lt. General B S Sisodia

A Word from Renowned Dr. Harsh Vardhan

dr harsh vardhanDeteriorating life style, changing dietary habits, over stress and increasing pollution has given rise to so many life style diseases. To combat these diseases and gift humanity with complete health has become a challenge for the physicians across the globe.

21st century will be known for the emergence of newer life style diseases and their methods of treatment. All physicians of the world from all systems of the medicine are making serious efforts in this direction.

Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Health Hospital, Lucknow has given a new dimension to the field of medicine by his innovative holistic approach in treating the life style diseases.

The objective of the treatment modalities from all the systems should be to help the mankind and save them from diseases. I have personally undergone the treatment in this hospital and found them very effective, scientific and helpful to the people at large.

I am fully convinced with holistic approach in helping the sick. There is no doubt that in future this approach will have global acceptance.

With regards,
– Dr. Harsh Vardhan

A Word from Renowned Prof. C. G. Agarwal

dr cg agrwalI have reviewed the concept of Holistic Medicine and the approach taken to manage diseases through it. With all due respect to the targeted therapies, I feel the body should be treated as a whole and therefore correction of nutritional, psycho social and internal chemical milieu along with decongestion and detoxification of organs and systems would contribute substantially to the well being of the patients. Rectification of the pressure alignments, energy channels and structural correction, undoubtedly, leads to the overall health of the patients and treats many anomalies which perhaps modern medicine is yet to define.

I have practiced Holistic Medicine under the guidance of young and energetic Dr. Pankaj Bharti and feel this system relieves many systemic diseases and adds quality to life. The approach is very effective in management of joint diseases and gives long lasting results. I have myself drawn many benefits from this system.

I wish Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Health Hospital all success in its pursuit and research.

With regards,
– Prof. C. G. Agarwal