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Auto-Immune Disorders

Auto-Immune Disorders

Dear friends,

The modern sedentary life style which apparently looks lucrative and systematic is how fatal is recognized at the moment one falls victim of it. This so called systematic but in real sense unsystematic life style generated diseases can trap us any time. The drug manufactures who exploits the common people putting threat of these dreadful diseases, creates more disappointment. They spread the myths regarding the disease and we easily get trapped in their trick. These drug manufacturing companies has declared many common diseases as the grievous disease, but the fact is that the many among them can be easily managed by the healthy changes in the life style and the faulty dietary habits. Auto-immune disorders have got the same case. It has been always told to be incurable to the patients. Many patients have asked questions about the treatment. The answers to the selected question and the important information is as follows:

What are auto-immune disorders?

Immune system is the defense system of the body. When it starts harming its own body the result is auto-immune disorder.

How it happens?

The acid and alkali balance of the body gets disturbed due to the faulty Dietary – habits, mental stress and wrong lifestyle. This imbalance causes the problem in the immune system of the body. The scientific researchers have now proved this imbalance to be the cause.

Whether it can be hereditary?

Its not sure that future generation will also be affected. The scientific data says almost 47% patient only have hereditary cause.

Why drugs failed treating Auto-Immune Disorders?

Drugs can only suppress the symptoms superficially for some time, but the disease keeps growing in its own speed. As soon as the action fades the symptoms reappeared with full force. The patient also has to suffer the side effects in the due course of time.

Then how Auto-Immune Disorders can be treated?

The causes of the Auto-Immune Disorders are the harmful toxins or the free radicals, which gets accumulated in the body due to the faulty dietary habit, life style, mental stress and pollution. If we expel out these harmful toxins from our body and nourish our body with the important vital supplements, which were lacking otherwise, then the weak immune system gets active. This is the first step in direction of managing such disorders. We should see the following elements balanced in our body i.e. vitamins, macro and micro nutrients, hormones, phytochemicals, enzyme, omega fatty acids, and other antioxidants etc. Along with the above elements some herbs aid accelerated improvement by immuno-modulation.

How does the Auto-Immune Disorders gets cured by the holistic therapy?

At the first the holistic therapy expels out the foreign elements (toxins, metabolic by products and free radicals) from the body. Along with that right food (alkaline) and nutraceuticals are used. At the same time due to the immuno-modulation therapy, the suppressed immunity system starts working properly. In this way the disease is managed by bringing the acid-alkali imbalance into equilibrium.

Whether hereditary patient get also cured?

Let whatever may be the cause of imbalance, if the holistic therapy is taken in supervision of specialist, then all kind of patient can be successfully managed.

Whether they remain healthy forever after treatment?

Almost all those patients received treatment from Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Health Hospital are leading healthy, happy and peaceful life.

How much time it takes to get completely cured?

It depends upon the extent of imbalance of acid and alkali and the severity and duration of the disease.

How long it takes to get result?

Majority of the patient get results within one months, but based upon the long experiences we would say that it takes average 3 to 4 months or sometimes even more to get managed completely.

What is the greatest advantage of the holistic therapy?

In this the body is treated as a unit rather than to treat disease individually. The associated problems along with the psoriasis like digestive problems (acidity, constipation, gas), high blood pressure, cholesterol, gout, migraine, asthma, depression, obesity, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, acne, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, hormonal disturbances etc are also reported to be markedly relieved, because they all have a faulty life style component.

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