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About Clinic

About Clinic

Welcome to Dr Bharti’s Holistic Wellness

Twenty first century will be known for the Life Style disorders and also for the emergence of the new approaches for the management of the same, which will suit to the busiest working schedule & incurring no changes to the life style. Holistic Medicine fully complies with this.

The approach aims at the correction of the life style related Diseases through various kinds of treatment in accordance with the basic natural principal of health.

Nature works on the following principles:

  • Body has a –
    • wonderful self healing power
    • cleansing channels to dispose the waste material
    • strong defence system
  • Live tissues can be regenerated at any age

Dr. Bharti’s Holistic Wellness has set highest standards in the management of life style disorders, considering the nature’s innate powers to make one healthy & happy.

Faulty diet, Faulty living, Persistent stress, Environmental conditions and Pollution results into Disturbed digestion, Congestion in all vital organs, Acidic overload in cells and nutrient deficiencies; sometimes because of disease process and wrong posture the supporting tissues to the musculo skeletal system gets chronically tensed giving rise to structural deformity.

Resultant is the metabolic disturbance.

The most important thing is that all the life style disorders have one thing in common that all have the same origin:

  • Why modern medical science treat them differently?
  • Can drugs provide the permanent solution to such ailments?

Permanent or long lasting solution can only be provided when treatment of the root cause of the disease is addressed.

Holistic Medicine – 

  • addresses the root cause for the management of all the life style disorders considering whole body as a unit. As all the LSD has a common origin so is the common treatment.
  • offers rapid and gentle cure without putting patient under any physical or mental discomfort considering him a unique one.
  • not only manages all the LSD simultaneously but also rejuvenates and adds quality years. The techniques are so simple as to incorporate in busiest life without much change in diet & living.